Saturday, June 8, 2013

Right Track - IRS

If anything shows up the corruption of big government, it's this latest IRS scandal.  Now can anybody imagine the furor if it was George W. Bush's administration in charge of things and if the audits and delaying tactics were being perpetrated on Move On, and other leftists?  There would have been a special prosecutor on the case immediately.  Huckabee interviewed a woman who had applied for tax free status and as a result was investigated 17 times, by a variety of federal agencies, including Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.  Her "crime" was forming a small group to make sure that elections were fair and that dead people were removed from the electoral rolls.  Serious stuff!  The result of this intimidation by a supposedly bias-free agency is that many such groups could not make the contribution to the 2012 election that they had hoped.  Can anyone say disenfranchisement.  I'm sure Jesse Jackson can say it.  But I doubt he would.

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