Friday, June 28, 2013

Tirade - Authorities

I don't know if like me you've become aware of the annoying practise of elected officials hogging microphones during press briefings on current events.  I first noticed it during Swartzenegger's term as Governor.  He was opening something or other, and the first fifteen minutes were given over to introducing this bureaucrat or that.  Then each bureaucrat spoke doing exactly the same thing.  Most of them were totally unknown to me, and I couldn't see the point.
Well, recently we've had a very bad fire around the north of the county and we were to be given a briefing by a fire chief on how things were developing.  Now normally I would have expected a fellow standing before a map with a pointer telling the story.  We did get that but not before a parade of "elected officials" giving their schpiel, which told us absolutely nothing.  So here's an idea; at the next election how about each candidate swearing that once elected they won't ever appear at press briefings giving us all grandstand appearances.  Come on People!

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