Tuesday, June 25, 2013


On an assignment the other day we were just about to go into the facility when we spotted this chap walking around the entrance.  Quite the most magnificent colors and bearing; but Oh the dreadful voice on him.  Because of course, it is a him.  The female is a rather dowdy little thing.  It turned out that there were several peacocks in this place and they made a heck of a din.  Some years ago I had a friend who lived on a small road where a neighbor kept half a dozen peacocks.  The noise they made was so bad the other residents got up a petition to have them removed as they were creating a public nuisance.  It seems a real design flaw to have them look so wonderful and sound so bad.  Perhaps we could genetically modify them to sound  more like, say a small pigeon!  Coo-coo!

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