Friday, June 21, 2013

Tirade - Manners Again

We went to the cinema the other day - that means "movie theater" in US speak.  We were held up in local traffic and arrived when the lights were out.  What is with the total darkness of these places anyway?  I remember years ago being able to see enough to be able to move around safely, but those day have gone, along with usherettes!.
So we had to stand at the back to let our eyes get  used to the darkness, and this can take some time as when it happens we always seem to be at some dreadful scene of horror in a trailer.  Well, eventually we could make out a couple of seats and made our way to them.  Naturally this entailed passing in front of people sitting down.
Now it's a hard fact, but sitting down and trying to swing your folded up legs around is not as effective as standing up and pulling your feet backwards.  This is not tough stuff to figure out.  So as the custom of standing up to let others pass by has gone, then those remaining sitting down will have their feet trampled upon.  Sorry, that's just the way we're made, and it's not my fault.  Come on People!

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