Friday, April 26, 2013

Tirade - Compliments

I don't often find myself supporting the President, but in this case I think it's fair.  He was out here on yet another fundraiser and happened to speak to Kamala Harris, California's Attorney General.  He praised her in many ways and then said: "She also happens to be the best looking attorney General in the country!"  Now it happens to be true.  Ms. Harris is very attractive.  I very much doubt that she objected -  my experience is that attractive people rarely are that prickly. But anyone would have thought that the President had truly insulted her.  The "sexist" label was hurled at him and for several hours in the news cycle the media was all over the comment - as if there was little else to report.  He was forced to call her up and apologise.  Why?  Come on People!

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