Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday Column

There is no column this Sunday, so maybe my 12 1/2 year run is at a close.  We shall find out eventually.
In the meantime we have a new member of the family - George, a four year old boxer, who is now living with Simon and family in Tujunga.

The rescue service that had him were extremely careful of their choice of new owners.  Over a one month period, George came round for several visits and a couple of overnights.  Eventually after a complete check up and a chip being put in his neck, he was delivered to his new home on Friday.  He seems a great dog and very well behaved.  But boxers can be quite lively and maybe he was a little overwhelmed.  We shall see how he develops.  But in the meantime we're all very glad to have him.

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