Saturday, April 20, 2013

Right Track - Thatcher

My friend Van in Missouri suggested that I write something about the life of Margaret Thatcher whose funeral it was last Wednesday.  She was a strong proponent of conservative values and as such she created an enormous amount of hatred from her opponents -  hence the undignified "celebrations" seen recently in London.  I came to America in 1982 which was only three years into her time in office and so her UK effects were mostly lost on me.  However, she did stop the annual blackmailing of the country by putting a stop to the unions who regularly held us all to ransom.  Firstly the miners would demand more wages - they already could hardly spend the amount they had - then out would come the dockers, then the electricians etc, etc.  All in "sympathy." Thatcher stopped this lunacy and made it illegal for sympathy strikes.  The country then managed to control its own destiny by taking the power out of the unions hands.  Thatcher stood for freedom which somehow threatens the left; she stood for free enterprise as well, which is seen by the left as somehow immoral, as it allows people to profit from their energies and some to make lots of money.  I was fortunate enough to hear Margaret Thatcher speak sometime in the late eighties, and I consider it to have been a privilege.  R.I.P.

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