Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Raccoons - Again

If you check the archives you'll see that I've written about these little devils about four times.  The problem is that they are just so darned cute.  But of course, very aggressive and quite dangerous.  So this winter we had an episode where one, who had obviously remembered a happy event from the previous year, came along in the middle of the night to try and get into a crawl space underneath our bedroom.  I had blocked it up completely so the raccoon's efforts came to naught.  I did catch him on the deck looking around and he ran off.  The other day I sneaked a look under the boat covers, which are due to come off in a few weeks.  I'm damned if they hadn't managed to climb up under the engine well and run around in there.  They are always very good in my boat, and never have one of their infamous "parties," just leaving a calling card or two on their way out.  The fight goes on!

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