Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I'm rather fond of crows.  We have a lot of them here hopping around flapping their wings.  Their voices are not too pleasant, but they are quite good fun to watch.  They have developed one skill however that is a problem.  They have learned how to perch on the edge of dustbins and then flap hard and turn the bin on its side in order to get at the contents.  These they will strew around the neighborhood.
We have recently had a new man in the area who leaves his bins out several days before collection, and then goes off the hill.  Neither bin has a lid, and the result is that the crows begin their work.  I told the man that if he was going to do this he needed to have a tight fitting lid.  He ignored me, but the other day he happened to be in the house when his bins were littered all over the place; he had to pick everything up.  As my father was fond of saying: "Experience is a hard school, and only fools learn in it!"

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