Sunday, October 2, 2011

Cruise Day One

It's wonderful to be back on the Sapphire Princess.  We were here earlier in the year, but it didn't stop us getting confused as to which was the sharp and which was the blunt end for an hour or two.  The berth at San Pedro is not the most interesting place to depart from, but it did overlook the Lane Victory where I had done an assignment about a year or two ago.  It's a cargo ship that saw service in WWII, Korea and also Vietnam.  It didn't look as if it was still open as a museum

Once out at sea we got into our normal routine of a few drinks before dinner and then met up with our six other dinner companions.  Charlie and Evelyn of course are with us so it was just the other four - two Brazilians who don't speak much English, and two very old Mexicans who do.  Excellent dinner and then as we were too late for the show we repaired to the Wheelhouse bar and a not too late night.  Santa Barbara is the next stop.

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