Monday, August 1, 2011


Like most Americans, if I want a steak I usually go to the local supermarket and either buy the meat out of the cabinets, or have the butcher cut one off for me; take it home and barbecue it.  However, every so often I get the urge to have a steak cooked for me in a restaurant.

The other evening, I decided we should go back to a restaurant specializing in steak.  The last time we were there was at least seven years ago.  It's an OK place, but I never felt it was that good.  There have been several changes of ownership recently and so I though it might have improved.  I was wrong.

The above picture shows the sort of thing I was hoping for, but it fell far short of expectations.  In fact it was the worst piece of meat I have ever eaten in the US.  Perhaps in these dark days of economic news, it reflects the lowering standards all around.  I was not deterred, I took it home and ground it up for a burger, but the experience was a great disappointment. Back to the butcher and the BBQ.

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