Saturday, August 6, 2011


Some years ago I saw launched on TV a new idea in transportation called The Segway.  It was demonstrated by the inventor and it looked a very interesting idea.  Just two wheels and a small platform with a sort of joy stick to steer by.  Quite how it worked was amazing as it used gyroscopes to keep it upright and you leaned forward and backwards to make it go in the direction you wanted.

I always fancied a go at one, but there didn't seem to be any way to do that apart from renting one and driving it round a parking lot, which didn't appeal very much.  On our trip to the Safari Park in San Diego, however, they had a tour called Rolling Safari which involved Segways, and I requested that.  Here Mrs. S. is getting instruction from Laurel La, who was our guide for the trip.  I thought Mrs. S. did very well with this new challenge, and after the two-hour tour it was completely second nature to work the machine.  Great fun!

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