Monday, July 25, 2011

Quagga Mussels

Big Bear Lake is trying hard to fight a Soviet invasion.  Correctly it is an invasion from the River Dnieper in Ukraine.  In 1989 in Lake Erie some strange zebra striped mussels were discovered.  They were traced to water that had been used as ballast in oceon going ships and then the water was dischaged into the Great Lakes.  The mussels are prolific breeders and one female can produce a million eggs a year.  They filter the water as the eat and then produce a mucous which kills aquatic fauna and flora.
In order to fight this pest every vessel no matter how small has to be inspected before it's launched into the lake.  As far as my own boat is concerned it has never seen any water other than Big Bear Lake, nonetheless before it's launched it is checked for the dreaded quagga.  Moules marinier anyone?


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