Saturday, July 2, 2011

Music Track - Farewell

Now this is a story of old "Papa" Haydn,  His Symphony No. 45 in F-sharp minor, is known as the "Farewell" Symphony and was composed in 1772.

It was written for Haydn's patron, Prince Nikolaus Esterházy, while he, Haydn and the court orchestra were at the Prince's summer palace in Eszterhaza. The stay there had been longer than expected, and most of the musicians had been forced to leave their wives back at home in Eisenstadt, so in the last movement of the symphony, Haydn subtly hinted to his patron that perhaps he might like to allow the musicians to return home.  You will see his hint beginning at 2:51. Esterházy seems to have understood the message as the court returned to Eisenstadt the day following the performance.

It lasts just over eight minutes.

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