Monday, July 11, 2011


I heard a talk radio show host talking the other day about happiness. He considers it to be of supreme importance.  He's even written a book about it it - Happiness is a Serious Business.  He believes it to be our duty to be happy, and he opines that happy people don't cause problems for the rest of  the world, which is an interesting theory.  I'm sure Hitler, Stalin, and Mao were not happy, so maybe he's right.
He had a psychologist on, who added that in his opinion it is not the big things that make us happy, but the small things.  I'd never thought about it before, but I think he's right.
We all strive so hard for big houses, cars, jobs and wealth, but really it's the small things like a smile, or a tune or a view that gives us true happiness.  I was riding the Harley the other day after a rain storm, I caught the unexpected smell of lavender in the air; it was delicious.  A truly happy moment.
What do you think?

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