Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I was due for my monthly visit to the barber this week.  As I sat in the chair I pondered that things had change little since my first memories of the experience.  Back then my father would take me to Charles, located a short walk away.  It was always a Saturday morning as that was when boys could be done for half price.
It was an unpleasant experience but didn't last too long.  "Short back and sides," was the general order, and if one of Mr. Charles' assistants received any other instructions I'm sure he wouldn't have known what to do.
Basically, the barber would run a pair of clippers up the back and then the sides and there would be some snipping with scissors to the top, then a squirt from a rubber bottle of talcum powder and you were done.  The barber would flip the cloth away from your chest and accept the sixpence from my father.  It was a shilling for him.  I doubt the entire experience took longer than three minutes.
One procedure that has completely disappeared is the use of a lighted spill.  This was to singe the hair after it was cut.  Normally it was only the better off who could afford this elaborate operation.
One change today of which my father would certainly not approve is that my decreasing hair is cut by a very attractive young lady by the name of Kelly.  I'm sure he would find that most unacceptable.  But I like her.

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