Friday, December 20, 2013

Tirade - Titles

Now I know a lot of these tirades make me out to be very old fashioned, but most of the old fashioned ways were developed over the years to actually make society move smoothly - like manners!  Now we come to title - not lords and ladies titles, but those for "the common man!"  Or woman, of course!  I have really become annoyed at the immediate reversion to a title for any criminal or low life who falls foul of the law.  The moment he was arrested OJ Simpson became Mr. Simpson.  Had that not have happened everyone would have insisted on calling him OJ or Juice which I believe was his nickname.  But the moment they slap the cuffs on you , it's Mr.!  I wish someone could explain to me how only using a courteous title for criminals helps society, when it seems perfectly OK for a child to approach a stranger and start calling him by his first name.  Come on People!

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