Friday, December 27, 2013

Tirade - Driving.

We seem to have two types of drivers up here in the winter.  The ones who believe four wheel drive means they can go as fast as they like without any chance of swerving.  It doesn't work guys!  Then we have the other type.  The ones when they see a small patch of snow, freeze and drive at 15 miles an hour on our main boulevard.  Mostly these seem to be small Hispanic females who can barely see over the tops of their steering wheels.  After a snow fall Cal Trans actually do a great job of ploughing the roads.  Within 24 hours the roads are perfectly dry and safe.  However these ideal conditions are insufficient to let these frightened creatures reach the posted speed limit, often with snow chains banging around the wheel wells.  It drives the rest of us mad.  Come on People!

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