Monday, September 20, 2010


This week's column was about the Nixon Library in Loma Linda, CA.  I have been there many times and this time I was able to look over the actual helicopter that flew President Nixon around - he made over 500 trips in "Army One."  I was also priviledged to meet the actual pilot of this restored plane - Col. Gene Bower.  Among the world leaders he flew were two British Prime Ministers, Edward Heath and Harold Wilson.

Col Bower at 81, was a most interesting and gracious host during my visit.  I asked him to pose outside the doorway where the famous photo of Nixon's exit from the White House took place.  He readily agreed, but he said he was not going to give the famous double "V" for victory sign that Nixon made his own.

It was a sad moment for the country when Nixon had to stand down as it created an atmosphere of distrust that we still endure today.

The Nixon Library is always an interesting place to visit as it is an entirely maneageable place to look around.

"I was born in a house that my father built," was Nixon's often said statement.  The actual house is erected on the grounds of the Library - it was built from a kit.  Nixon is also buried there alongside his wife, Pat. They are both in the Rose Garden.

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  1. A very interesting place. His letter to Jackie Kennedy is a real insight. If memory serves me I thought the helo was called "Marine One". Sad that the replacement will be an Italian made version that will be beefed up.