Friday, May 2, 2014

Tirade - Schools

I sometimes wonder what our schools are doing.  Particularly to the characters of our children.  The moment any type of difficulty occurs at a school, "counsellors" are immediately on hand to cope with any problems.  How are children to learn that life is not easy and they have to learn to deal with problems?  One particularly egregious event happened the other day.  A young man at high school, one Patrick Farves, mentioned that on the occasion of a visit by the current Miss America, he would like to ask her to the high school prom.  He was told that he must not do that under any circumstances.  He did it anyway and was immediately suspended.  Why?  What possible harm could it have done?  But the mealy mouthed authorities didn't like the idea, although he broke no rule.  Had he been my son, I would have been quite proud of him as at that age I certainly wouldn't have had the courage to have done it.  Come on People!

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