Wednesday, May 14, 2014


We're a bit sensitive to earthquakes out here.  The least jolt and the TV screens are full of concerned newsreaders.  Not long after, for the last thirty years we've usually had the appearance of Dr. Kate Hutton the seismologist from Cal Tech.  Now I've nothing against the lady but after all this time, I'm sure I could do as good a job.  And that includes her stand in, Dr. Lucy Jones.  Frankly all they ever do is to say that there's been an earthquake of say. 5.1, which it was the other day, and then point out where it occurred.  All this is read off instruments.  There is only one piece of information that all of us want to know and that is when is the next one?  And that neither of these ladies is able to do.  So what's the point?

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