Saturday, May 3, 2014

Right Track - Peace Process?

It's not often I feel sorry for the current administration but an occasion happened this week.  The Israeli/Palestinian peace talks broke down. One is tempted to add AGAIN!!!!  Since the formation of the state of Israel, we have been having continuous talks and no matter which flavor of politician is involved they always fail.  I have a suggestion to make.  Since we're no further  forward after 70 years perhaps we should just stop expending energies and hopes and leave the two sides to it.  Frankly I blame the Israelis.  What is the point of sitting down to talk with an opponent who refuses to accept that you have the right to exist.  We would not sit down to talk with Al Qaeda.  They want us dead.  The Palestinians will never be happy until they control Israel and Israel is not going to let them do it.  What is the point of talking?  There is no common ground.  For a 5 minute video on the entire problem you may find this of interest.

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