Saturday, May 10, 2014

Right Track - Benghazi

After a recent surfacing of an email from the White House, the rascally Republicans are finally about to appoint a select committee to look into the events of Benghazi.  Naturally there are cries of foul from the left.  However, four Americans were murdered and no one has been held accountable.  I watched one liberal commentator go apoplectic the other day about the matter, saying it was just a witch hunt.  But here are a few thoughts.  Why has no one been held to account?  Why has it taken nearly two years for the White House to provide the documents requested?  Why has it taken congress two years and many many oversight hearings to get this far?  And if there is nothing to hide, why is the WH being so tough about it?  As was said over the Watergate break ins, it wasn't the crime that caused the presidency to fall, it was the cover up.

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