Friday, April 18, 2014

Tirade - Marketing

Recently we tried to order a product advertised on TV.  It was not expensive and as usual they would double the offer (just pay separate shipping and handling!)  Well, to begin with the Web site would not let us complete the transaction, so we tried the phone.  Immediately a recorded message told us that we had been "selected' for a free two day cruise that would only cost us a $59 dockside charge.  Unfortunately it was on the other side of the country to the Bahamas.  We tried to exit out of this offer but only succeeded in being put through to more recordings, this time offering us the services of a TV cable company.  Not at any time did we ever hear of the original product in which we were interested.  I did have a little fun with the salesman who wanted me to go on his "free" cruise with suggestions as to how this might include "free" travel to the boat, but other than that it was a frustrating business.  Eventually, I checked the product's reviews on line and I was not surprised to find out that not only was it substandard but the extra shipping and handling amounted to rather a lot.  As one reviewer wrote, it's best to wait until it appears on the "As seen on TV" shelves at K-mart or Walmart.  Come on People!

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