Saturday, April 12, 2014

Right Track - Media Bias

It's generally accepted that the media is biased towards liberal causes.  All but the most partisan accept this.  They are pro-Obama and pro-big government and ant-gun almost to a man (and woman.)  The other day I received an email that confirmed my suspicions however.  At the end of Good Morning America's Sunday political talk show there used to be an "In Memoriam" section.  This was where the host would assume an instant grieving voice and tell the audience of the number of military killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.  I noticed that this section had somehow disappeared from the program and wondered why.  The email explained it.  Since Obama increased the number of troops in Afghanistan, and also changed the rules of engagement so that soldiers have to be very careful of opening fire, the number of dead has increased dramatically.  In fact in the two years since our withdrawal has been announced deaths have gone up to about 1000.  Twice as much as during the Bush years.  Could this silence be a coincidence??????  In a turnabout, it has been reported that no US servicemen were killed in the month of March, which is wonderful news.

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