Tuesday, February 25, 2014


On our ride up to Oregon eighteen months ago we passed through Oakland on the 880.  There was a slight bend in the road and ahead of me I saw a large building with the sign still up.  It was Solyndra.  If you remember it was a government backed (Obama) business that was to get into the solar panel market.  I don't know all the details as to why it failed except I think the Chinese produced a product much cheaper.  But it served to show just how bad government is when it comes to trying it's hand at free markets.  I knew we would be passing the same building on our way to the Raiders game and so I asked Madam if she would keep the camera handy for a shot.  I see that the infamous name of Solyndra has gone as new occupiers have taken over what is after all a very modern building.  It's Seagate.  They make a product I use as a back up disc.  And no tax payer funds required to help it!

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