Saturday, February 15, 2014

Right Track - A Case for Dictators

I've been waiting for someone to say it as perhaps it's heresy to do so, but the other evening I heard a young woman in Egypt say: "We need a strong man to run our country."  She might as well have said "rule" as that was what she implied.  Isn't it time to end the desire for democracy in Islamic countries?  They don't seem able to handle it.  Once the leader is gone - check Mubareck, Ghadafi, Hussein - then the place spirals into death and destruction.  Granted it was pretty grim for anyone who didn't like the regime before, but at least you could walk down the street without fear of running into a rabble demanding - what exactly?  I can't figure out what they all want except to run the place according to their ideas - no matter how extreme or bizarre.  Perhaps it's time to look around for someone who wants total rule and control over the population without that annoying ballot box to have to consider.  I believe there might be someone with that exact desire and also looking for a job in 2016!

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