Saturday, February 1, 2014

Right Track - Inequality

One of the advantages - or perhaps it's a disadvantage - of getting older is that one has heard most of the political arguments before: and some of them many times.  Our illustrious leader has just returned from his two-week vacation in Hawaii (paid for by us, of course!) with the glint of battle in his eyes.  This time it's "income inequality" no less.  Perhaps the irony of the situation has escaped him as I suspect fewer people today can afford a two-week Hawaiian vacation than when he first took office.  Also I believe the gap between rich and poor has actually increased on his watch.  Congratulations!  Well, I wish him luck with this particular conundrum as mankind has been struggling with the problem for most of its existence.  The older and perhaps more cynical of us know it to be just another political argument for soaking the rich and acquiring more taxes to spread around to people of the politicians' choice.  Ah me!

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