Friday, January 10, 2014

Tirade - Hating!

The other day I was in a small gathering and we were discussing some groups of people known to us.  One fellow said to me: "Oh, you're a hater!"  He said this in jest, I might point out.  I told him that this was not the case as in fact I couldn't think of anyone or any group that I had ever or currently hated.  It's not in my range of feelings.  However, I pointed out that I am a serial "disliker," as there are many things and human traits that I do in fact dislike.  I know that our vocabularies have been shrunk over the years with poor usage, but it does seem to me that we need to have more grades between love (obligatory, it seems for everyone and everything in these liberal, halcyon days) and hate.  Otherwise what is the point of building one's decision making ability over the years.  Come on People!

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