Friday, July 5, 2013

Tirade - Warnings

Once again we have a heat wave in California.  If it was January it might be a little more newsworthy but no, it's July.  I happens nearly every year.  Along with the discomfort we now have to tolerate the hourly warnings by the local new stations who seem to delight in the repetition of the same nonsense year after year.  Look if you rely totally on the local news teams for information then you no doubt have your head full of images of crying mothers and fathers after the recent (daily) drive by and also of little pets stuck up in trees, or some fool leading a squadron of police on the daily car chase.  In that case here is the info - drink plenty of water and wear loose clothing.  Oh and don't turn on the A/C when you need it as it drains the grid.  Got it?  Come on People!

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