Saturday, July 27, 2013

Right Track - Snowden

This recent problem for the administration about the secrets leaker, Snowden, has caused a difficult situation for the country's diplomats.  Taken on its own trying to force Russia and China to play by the rules is not an easy problem to solve.  And let's face it, we aren't likely to go to war over the incident of this man hiding in either of those countries.  But I believe we are in this situation entirely due to our bad handling of international affairs for the last five years.  Running around apologising for America's past sins was never a good idea, and although it might have had a certain cathartic effect on the deliverer, it certainly hasn't helped his image over the long haul.  If proof of that was needed just look at the recent speech in Berlin where the size of the audience was minuscule compared to the one delivered at the start of his first term.  I believe the number of Tea Party protesters in Washington was many times higher that same weekend.  I believe this is what you get with a policy of "leading from behind."  As Rodney Dangerfield famously said: "I can't get no respect!"  Is it any wonder?

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