Friday, July 26, 2013

Tirade - Paula Dean

I'm not a big fan of Paula Dean, the celebratory cook on TV.  I find her just a little too folksy.  I've used a couple of her recipes and she certainly does know how to cook.  Recently she's been accused at times of using the "n" word and also tolerating some unpleasantness in her workplace, which I've not quite figured out.  The result of this has been a rather shaky apology on the air and the Food Network canceling her contract.  I frankly don't get it.  She is in her late sixties, was born and raised in the deep south, in a totally different time, when there were not a group of people constantly on the look out to be offended.  As I said, I have always found her "country" ways a little tiring, but is her supposed slip sufficient to ruin her entire career.  As was once said by someone also persecuted: Let he who is without sin cast the first stone!  That was back in the days when stoning was the punishment for sins.  Have we changed much?  Come on People!

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