Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Far be it for me to criticise the managers of America's pastime, but sometimes I do wonder if I would make a better manager than the current one of  the L.A.'s Dodgers.  Who are not doing too well up to now this season.  Take the case of one player, Puig.  He originated from Cuba and is pretty young.  I saw him play in a few of the late games of the pre-season.  He looked amazing to me and I fully expected him to be included in the line-up come opening day.  But it was not to happen.  He was sent down to the minors "to mature!"  Well, he has finally been brought up and played in over a dozen games.  He scored a home run in his first, another in the second, and in his third appearance he won the game in the bottom of the eighth with a grand slam.  Maturity indeed.  We don't need another genius intellect, just someone who can hit, and you don't have to be mature to do that!  As it shows.  Oh, by the way they have already signed him for $42 million.  For that I'd have him play all the time.  Wouldn't you?

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