Friday, February 22, 2013

Tirade - Racism

I fear the term racist is used far too much.  Mostly it's to stop people making criticisms which mostly are deserved.  I saw a program the other day where a very exotic girl said she was always being asked what she was.  She found it insulting, and believed it was a way to pigeon hole her by race.  I think that's truly sad, and I'm sure she would have been "insulted" by me.  I believe I'm not a racist but I am naturally curious, and if confronted by this girl I'm sure I would have asked her what her heritage was.  Purely because I would have found her of interest.  Would she have me ignore her?  I'm constantly being asked where I came from because it seems I have an accent.  Forgetting that in fact it's not me that has one!  In order to fall in line should I be insulted that people are trying to pigeon hole me by the way I speak?  Come on People!

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