Saturday, February 16, 2013

Right Track - Dorner

So the ex-cop, cop killer is dead.  In spite of massive police presence up here in Big Bear, he was largely caught through his own incompetence - he crashed  three cars!  I find it sad however, that his obvious left leaning views as expressed in his so-called manifesto have not been covered.  When you think back to the furor of the Gabby Giffords shooting, and also the Colorado theater shooting, not a word has been said about his beliefs.  In the aforementioned cases, both shooters were prematurely linked to the Tea Party and in one case ABC's Brian Ross went on Good Morning America to claim the movie theater killer was in the Tea Party.  Both incidences were proved incorrect, and both men were eventually discovered to be left leaning.  Where is the President to demand a more civil discourse as he did when Giffords was shot?  Complete silence.  Where are the demands for the closure, or at least the censure of left wing programs like MSNBC?  Is it just me, or is there perhaps the faintest odor of a self-serving double standard here?

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