Saturday, February 9, 2013

Right Track - State

This could just as easily be a Tirade as it's apolitical and a "pox on both their houses!"  Do we really need a State Department?  I mean really, is it necessary to have someone swanning around all over the world, doing what exactly?  I believe Mrs.Clinton, who I think has performed the role as well as anyone, bar the upset in Benghazi, has racked up over 100 countries in her four years in office.  Apart from no doubt adding to her waistline with all the rubber chicken dinners and copious cocktail parties, what exactly has she achieved?  I don't think the so-called brilliant Condaleeza Rice did any better.  I used to hear her talk after some crisis or another and never learned anything from the woman.  Recently a retired Marine was incarcerated in Mexico unjustly.  Did the State Dept get him out?  No, it was Bill O'Reilly of the Fox News Channel.  In the last ten years, the Arabs hate us just as much, the Persians even more so and Pakistan is a basket case, in spite of numerous trips - to do what precisely?  So let's seriously look at this department and see if we can't at least pare it down.

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