Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday's Column - Suburbia

Sunday's column is about the joys of suburbia.  Living now as I do in what might be called "the country" even though it's way up in the air, I do enjoy the odd trip to the Flatlands down below.  Also as my family has moved to the city of Glendale, I have even more reason to go down there.  It's a nice change.
Glendale is a fairly new "city" although it's also a part of that great suburban sprawl that floats around the seriously big city of Los Angeles.  But it's very nice to go there and enjoy a little of the sophistication that comes with multi-storied car parks and expensive restaurants.

The City of Pasadena is of course, much older and even historic - this is City Hall.  The point is that with the opening of the 210 freeway it is now so much easier to get to these fine places and I look forward to my next trip down there.  You can read the entire column as

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