Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Heavy Equipment

It's a good job we have all this heavy equipment to do the serious work of building roads and other big projects.  But I do wonder if we might have gone a little overboard with it's use.  Recently we had a major upgrade to our dam here in Big Bear.  The old one was allowed to remain but it lost its road over the top and a new road was constructed.  It took over a year and now it is finished.  Except the other day I was amazed to see that they had big cherry pickers - those extended ladders - at work painting.  All the traffic light poles were being painted in situ.
Now had it not occurred to anyone that this job might have been better done when the poles were on the ground?  Sometimes I do wonder if the engineers and the planners are not just a little too clever by half!  But then it's not their money is it?


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