Tuesday, December 20, 2011


I had the most extraordinary coincidence the other day.  I was passing though airport security with all the usual stuff in bins for the conveyor belt - you know, shoes off, belt off, pockets emptied etc, etc.  When we got through to the other side there was the usual rush to put it all back together again, and I crammed my laptop into my carry on and retrieved my other stuff.  It was then that I noticed my belt was in a bin with - my laptop?
Now as you can see there's nothing particularly special about my laptop - it's a Dell Inspiron about five years old - and here it was on the conveyor again after I'd put it back in my carry on.  The fact that my belt was with it led me to realize I might have packed the wrong one.  I asked the lady behind me if that was her laptop and she said "Oh yes, that's mine!"  I then pulled mine back out of the bag and it was a complete match.  We went over to the tables where people can re-pack.  "My battery doesn't work, so if one of them fires up, it's yours," she said.  Sure enough the one I hadn't packed started up, and if it hadn't been for my belt we would have ended up with the wrong computers.  A nasty mistake and how would we ever have contacted each other?

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