Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sunday's Column - Shooting

This Sunday's column is about shooting at our local range.  Just before I went out to do this piece -  it was last year just before the season ended - there was an article in the paper where George Washington was quoted as saying a citizen without arms is merely a subject.  Guns, and there are estimated to be about 64 million in the US, are always controversial.  Along with religion and politics they are not to be on the list for polite dinner conversation.  But if you have one you need to practise with it, and our local gun range, The BIg Bear Valley Sportsmen's Club is ideal for the purpose.  I took my .38 there several years ago to try it out.  What happened to me is written about in the column.  You can also listen to the podcast, which is on the right of the page at

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