Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sunday's Column - Cal Scooters

Sunday's column is about an interesting motorcycle manufacturer here in Southern California.  It's called California Scooters and it's in La Verne.  Each bike is designed to do 98 miles to the gallon and only costs $98 a year to insure.  It also costs about $98 a month to buy.  You see 98 is quite an important number to them.
And so even though they won the world record on this machine they would have liked to tease another 20 m.p.h. out of it as they only managed 78 m.p.h.  "But the course, was a little uphill," said Steve Seidner, the CEO and founder.  The bike is based on the famous Mustang, built in Glendale in the 40's through the 60's.
Being so light they appeal very much to women and the cost is just $4295.  I must say I was rather tempted.
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