Tuesday, April 26, 2011


While in Japan I noticed this symbol on many of the cars.  It seems that for a variety
of reasons, the Japanese want their over seventy citizens to advertise their age and no
doubt their driving skills (or lack of them) to others.

The tear drop is compulsory to all over 70.  No exceptions!  I wonder if the emperor
has to wear one too as he's certainly over the age limit.

My son Michael says it's a good thing as when he sees it and the car is just "pootling"
along, he at least knows that there's no point in getting cross with the driver as he's just
doing his thing and won't change.

I can't see the same rule applying here as the AARP would be all over it.

I shall not be sticking one to the rear of my Harley any day soon I can tell you!

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