Monday, April 11, 2011

Japan - The Outward Bound Journey

Due to the International Date Line, I am losing a day on the way out to Japan.  The flight time is about 12 hours. It's a brutal time change with Japan being 16 hours ahead of us.  Jet lag will be bad although it's worse coming back.  I'm going out via Singapore Airlines, who still cling to some of the niceties of travel.  They don't seem to adhere to the normal airline policy of seniority giving the best routes to the oldest and most unpleasant of stewardesses.

This is an unusual view of Milestone as she was pulled out of the water for her annual bottom cleaning.  She'll be my home for the next ten days as we will not be getting a land-based bedroom in that time.  Too much sailing and a long way to go.  Incidentally, my cabin will be in the left (port) float at the back - it's surprisingly roomy.

As for radiation, which seems on the mind of many people, I'm going to try and avoid it!  In fact we will be sailing away from the bad areas, and the closest I'll be will be is Narita airport on the way in and out.

On the Thursday of my return departure, I'll be traveling on the Shinkasen bullet train, which is always a joy.  Very comfortable and fast with lots of interesting meals available for the planned three and a half hour journey.  I then have the odd situation of leaving Japan on the 21st and arriving back before I leave.  Very bizarre.

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