Saturday, September 10, 2011


As with hearing about the death of JFK, everyone remembers where they were on 9/11.  In my case I was staying with my youngest son, Simon, in Los Angeles.  Evan was quite a small boy then, and used to eat his breakfast watching cartoons until he left for school at about 7:10 a.m.  As soon as he left we turned the TV channel to ABC, and immediately I knew that something was wrong as the late Peter Jennings was broadcasting.  They only used him at that time for serious stuff instead of the normal Good Morning America crew.  Within moments we saw the second plane crash into the buildings.  I knew we were under attack.
I had an appointment to visit Griffith Park Observatory high above the city that morning, but having seen what had occurred I thought it was best to get out of Dodge as soon as possible and, we hightailed it to the mountains.  My fear was that LA would also be on the target list, as we had no idea how big this would be.  I was quite certain that Big Bear was not on that list!
That evening we repaired to our local, and eventually things returned to normal, although none of us would ever be quite the same.
A week ago the date was September 3rd, the day that in 1939 Chamberlain declared war on Germany.  I was two weeks old, and I have to say that I am so very tired of war and all its horror.
At the bottom is a picture taken from Griffith Park when I eventually went there - it was about five years later.

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