Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Being Grateful

I heard a talk radio host the other day saying how few people he talked to were grateful for their lives.  I have to say it made me think.  Unless you live in Haiti, or some of the more unfortunate parts of the Islamic world, it seems to me that we should all realize that we are damned lucky to be where we are.

And yet, it appears that many people don't accept that they are extremely fortunate.  It is not long ago in the scheme of things that life was pretty awful.  When I hear complaints that things were better years ago, I immediately remember one of my visits on behalf of Trevor's Travels to the Medical Museum in Riverside.

Now a visit there will give you pause.  I don't think any of us would like to endure the medical procedures of even a few years ago.  So if you're having problems thinking about why you should be grateful, you could begin by being glad you don't ever have to visit a mid-19th century surgeon.  Leather apron, coarse instruments, and a bucket to dip the knife into.  (Refer to the Civil War for more details on that time.)  With Thanksgiving looming perhaps we should all compile a lists of things we are thankful for.  Starting of course, with living here.

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