Friday, June 25, 2010

Los Angeles

This past column was about my return to city life recently. It was good to find out that most of my urban skills returned after attracting a few raised middle fingers on the freeway - it seems it is not considered polite to drive at the posted speed limit. The locals really don't like it!

Since I lived down in Los Angeles, I had forgotten how aggressive driving could be. But if you approach it with a spirit of competition, then it can be quite good fun. Of course, I don't actually have a proper job to attend and my appointments are always made with the "between say ten and eleven" proviso, which is strictly a no-no in any commercial life. The result of this is I don't have to rush anywhere - or is that just my age?

But as in all things you have to pay for your fun. In city life you need a lot of W.A.M. And that's not Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart we're talking about - it's Walking Around Money! Boy, I almost wore out my pocket pulling notes and coins out over my five-day dog/baby/house sitting project. To begin with, city life demands you don't actually make coffee, you go to a place that sells it. Now I can't stand Starbucks as it's so slow and I always feel intimidated not knowing the fancy names of what is basically just wet and warm. So while on my sojourn, it was a local 7-11, that provided the morning brew. Plus of course, something inappropriate and sticky to go along with it. I managed to get most of the sugary residue off my face before I arrived back to the house to greet S.W.M.B.O. (She who must be obeyed!)

My other complaint was the noise of the city. It never stops. Also the house we were caring for was very close to a railway line. But about the time we were leaving I was becoming used to it.

I can't say I miss living down there, but I shall quite look forward to a return the next time the house owners feel compelled to drive the four hours to Las Vegas, to give all their hard earned cash to casino owners.
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The photo is of a part of downtown LA, where concerts are given. Note the absense of people. They're all working in the surrounding buildings!

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  1. It's always expensive in cities!