Thursday, July 29, 2010

Japan 2nd Day

There was a small problem with my luggage coming over. I have case which has served me well over many years. It has a retractable handle and will fit in any overhead bin. On our first leg of the trip (I had gone cheap so we had to go via Canada) a problem developed. The handle refused to retract and gave the appearance of one of those warnings given out on TV about Viagra. You know, where they warn you about "extensions" lasting longer than four hours! In such an event, you should seek immediate medical assistance. As there was no luggage doctor on board, I was forced to jam the beast into the overhead with it's protuberance taking up all the rest of the bin. I was not popular with my fellow passengers! I have to admit it has been many years since I was faced with the problem of such an uninvited swelling.

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  1. My luggage was OK glad I didn't have that one which I usually do